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It's a shame, we need this historic house kept and not lost. 

Would look lovely all restored back to its old self.

Thank you for the opportunity to look around the house yesterday - it's been something I wanted to do for years. It would be fantastic to see this even part restored. Here's some photos from my visit. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/…

I would talk about benefits of being able to see the house and visit the grounds, as well as potential hold events there, and go to a new museum and cafe. For me there is the potential to do far more to share the heritage of the area, with sign boards, and a new heritage trail. The community want this, which at least has some soul, rather than a lot of the generic developments that the Council are proposing across the rest of Feltham resulting in the loss of community buildings.

Think about the park as well and the plans he would inject money in to the park if they wanted him to. He is giving/ opening up a lot of parkland that is not in use for a smaller amount to be built on . Maybe ask them why they seem to be holding back and making things so difficult for the wrong reasons. Something got to give one way or the other. If this just keeps going on what's the addenda they want ?? Rich has some very good points to to add but also write what your hart is saying and any love / interest you have plus worth talking about the amount who have been visiting and showing support and the Facebook pages run by the community etc etc

Fantastic to visit the house today with my dad an 85 year old "architect", who throughly enjoyed walking in and around the place. He's desperate for the full history of the house. Please can you direct me in the correct link. Thank you so much for opening it up and letting the public visit.

Just a small section of the many people who came today to see the condition of Hanworth Park House. The majority seemed to support its restoration, the debate is mainly about the benefits for the community provided as part of the project and the scale of development and its exact placement on the land available, or potentially available.

Hopefully, we can get a meeting arranged where anyone who wants to attend is able to, to hear the plans, the alternatives, the opposition and the benefits of the development to the whole community. This consensus could then hopefully add weight to the arguments of support for the development and ensure the future of this building.

Don't want to hear that "the resident's don't care about the future of the house" again. 100-200 people today proved that's not the case.

This place is amazing so would be so beautiful if restored.

Such an amazing house that holds so much history....I used to visit the ladies and gents that lived there many years ago when I was a schoolgirl.....it's hard to think that this is how it's been allowed to deteriorate. 

Just wonder how many lost 'souls' still hang around the house as so many of them were totally alone with no family.....the saving and rebuilding of Hanworth Park House should be a given and not something that should need to be argued over.....thank you for taking the photos x

Really loved walking round, 
seeing so many people who support restoring the house (even part of it)
Everyone needs to email our support to hanworth park house email address.
I loved finding the 1929 newspaper and the 1966 paper advertising a house on the rivers edge at Sunbury for £6,500!!

Beautiful house and grounds shame on you Hounslow council, you should be supporting this!!

Great photos. It shows how much there is to save in this house. You're photos show the beautiful details that are just about clinging on. It deserves to be saved.

There is no doubt that the community want this house to be saved. To me, the 1930s history is more unique and compelling than much of the older heritage. We need to better define community benefit - access is important and will contribute to wider improvements.

First ever visit...
What a shame the house has been unloved for so long and left to deteriorate...priority to save this beautiful house...

I endorse proposals that are before the council in the restoration of Hanworth Park House and the building of homes to fund the restoration.

Disgusting that this has been allowed to go on so long - meanwhile this historic building is falling in to worse repair.

I am excited at the prospect Hanworth Park House being bought back to life, to become a House that Hanworth can be proud of.

I would love to see this house restored. Prob not relevant to thia post. But if you could get the community helping, all the young kids learning a trade like plastering deciraring etc and putting there practise into this amazing building and arranging many different days to raise money i think in time it could be done.

So very sad to see such a beautiful building and grounds in despair...

I think the interest on the feltham community Facebook page has been brilliant and more then I first thought . Over 40 people shared the post, over 165 comments , people tagging others to see it. I would say the word HPH gone out to thousands and got people talking about it. The numbers have grown a lot to join this page over the last month to which helps .

Some pictures taken from a 1929 Flight magazine. The Aerial shot shows that the area surrounding the House is actually a Brownfield site as there are buildings on it, not greenbelt(in my opinion). In the bottom of the picture, the last two houses with flat roofs( still there) are the trial houses for a new garden town which was planned for the whole of the park but never got approved( see Hanworth book 2 by John Wright and John Finnis.

SO PROUD OF ALL THE PEOPLE THAT TURNED UP, WELL DONE. It definitely showed LBH how much passion and love people have for HPH and we want the best outcome for it. I am sure a solution can be made that the house can be saved and the green belt can be safe guarded.

I can tell you are committed to saving the house and making a fantastic contribution to the community. I think you are probably on the right track and there is the potential for a really exciting development that celebrates the amazing heritage and builds something new, while enabling local people to be a part of it and access the house and grounds. It's not easy, but I'm pleased that you are connecting with us.

So very sad that this beautiful house is just being left to slowly fade away before our very eyes. I lived my entire life in Hanworth, before we moved away 11 years ago, and in the entire 40 years I lived there it was always the same. I fear it's nearly too late, and will be too expensive to repair.

Years of history - has to be restored

I'm speechless so will leave it to you to comment if you think the council is right to allow this beautiful building to continue to decay.

We have nothing like this in the local area.

Thank you for allowing me to join. It is a building that should be preserved.

please save. my mum worked there as a carer and i literally grew up there. so many wonderful memories. such a beautiful historical home.

The history should be kept and restored - can not believe it


Mike Jubb