Survey comments

Restoring pride in our area, providing community facilities and encouraging people to use our parks and leisure pursuits is vital for the health and well being of local people

Would love to see the house restored

Could you be more transparent with your costings for those of us with professional capacity to explain to others? – almost every single cost component is available to see on the LBH website, including our expected margin. If anything is unclear – please ask me and I can provide further data.

Many local people have a strong emotional attachment to Hanworth Park and Hanworth park house. It should be saved from dereliction.

Perhaps a museum of the air park. As you can see on the community benefits section – we firmly intend for there to be a museum, ideally inside the restored house. We have had a number of offers to help create and manage it.

The house is so important historically to the local area it deserves to be appreciated The garden's and river cold be a local project (similar to Bridge House pond group)

We need to restore this amazing house for the future generations

This is quite a simplistic survey - obviously everything comes down to the balance between costs and benefits. The play areas would be largely for the benefit of the residents of any new homes - although there is one across the park already which could perhaps suffice. The river restoration could be funded by wider environmental funds - what it more important is that this development is part of a coherent wider masterplan. Any function space at Hanworth Park house will require car parking - think of it as a National Trust property, and all have ample car parking facilities. The heritage of the air park is important to protect, and restoring something of the character of the airfield, with the house in the centre is important to capture this 1930s era. What we need is the Council to agree to a plan that seeks to support the core work of saving the house through this development, and commits to a longer plan for raising heritage funding for the museum space and the wider park - they have got funding for Gunnersbury, so must have ideas how they can get a sustainable model to support this at Hanworth Park House - perhaps through transferring ownership to a community trust. There are several points here.. I completely agree that there needs to be a balance between cost and benefits. I would love the Council to support the core work and agree a plan but they have been notably absent for just about 25yrs ! I am not sure re the “Gunnersbury solution”  - but I would say that I have tried to be very open with LBH and various charity type funding – but there are not many charities including the lottery prepared to invest several million pounds.

Good luck hope you get a lottery grant – I would say our chances of a lottery grant are zero – sorry.

After walking around the outside of the house and around the grounds some years go. I would love to see the house and gardens restored. The longford opened up and an ample childrens adventure playground developed similar to one by stanley road school that enhances its natural surroundings and made from wood

The Hotel was my preferred option, but if the housing you talk about is on land marked for development anyway then why not

Considering the very important Aviation (and pre Aviation) history attached to Hanworth Air Park and Hanworth Park House, the house should be allowed to be fully preserved in any way needed. The importance of the house, and park, in aviation history cannot be stressed enough!...

Any new housing should be offered to local people first or they should be given priority. Not an overflow from another part of London. We have made it very clear that local people will be given a priority period to buy or rent.

Whatever happens, the Hanworth park house needs to be restored and not just knocked down. It's an important part of the areas history, same as all of the other buildings in the immediate area that have been flattened in the past.

We lose to many historical properties. LBH should be ashamed of themselves !

Hanworth needs this local history to be saved and for the community as a whole be allowed to enjoy

We desperately need affordable houses my daughter and her 2 children have always loved with me and my husband and son in a 2 bed flats she has been bidding for over5years we need more houses. I could not agree more – we have offered on numerous occasions to provide 50 to 100proper social affordable homes in the area at no cost to LBH. I can only recommend asking LBH why they don’t want them !

The restoration must be in keeping the tranquility of the Airpark whilst improving facilities. 100% agreed

The building is grade 2 listed I think we should keep as much history of Middlesex as possible. And the hanworth house is definitely one of them as king Henry vll used this and pasted it to his son Henry vlll then it was used in WW1 as a hospital and WW2 and so on

Feltham, Hanworth and Bedfont history needs to be protected we have lost so much over the years. Housing is a priority these days. Which people don’t mind if the history is preserved and amenities/perks for the local residents is taken into consideration.

Too many flats and houses planned on what is green belt land, no housing should be built on this land – appreciate the view. I will say however that it is impossible to restore the house w/out houses being built - sorry

No would love this place to be restored had fond memories doing my guide service badge in this lovely place !

Restore the house as a hotel / museum. To reflect the 1920's air field

I used to love popping in when it was a home for the elderly there used to be so many happy faces lets give Hanworth a chance with culture versa more housing which will be abused.

I think restoring the house would be great for the area - a local focal point! We have lost lots of great buildings recently and shame on us if we don't speak up now to save Hanworth Park House. Completely agree – I don’t want to be overly dramatic – but the house won’t survive much longer being ravaged by the weather.

impact to wildlife. precedent being set. greedy developers. longevity of solution (not worth it if sticking plaster for 10 years). Some fair points... From the studies we have undertaken – there will be a positive impact on wildlife given the ecology regeneration we are planning. It’s difficult to comment on the precedent – the park does have a number of brownfield fringe areas and I can see the argument for and against additional housing. Re greedy developer – not sure this is true tbh. We are working on a margin that is 50% less than what LBH said they would seek to earn. It’s most definitely not a “sticking plaster” if you look at the plans.

I really support this final project before this house falls down for good and losing hundreds of years of history. LBH have been the ones who have let this happen by blocking every attempt to restore great house. The plans to restore parts of the park are great and the reopening off the river across the park is good for wildlife. Let this happen please !

This house needs to be saved, everything of historical value is being eroded by a council who don't seem to care, they should have given planning permission to the last owner who wanted to turn it into a hotel, instead hbc have let it get to a almost irreversible state, save it before it's to late!!!!!

I would like to see the house restored and additional community spaces developed but not the addition of new houses as this will increase local traffic which is already a nightmare particularly a312 and a316 it will also mean additional families putting pressure on school places which already can not cope. Feltham needs a massive regeneration as it has declined with youth ant social behaviour over the last 40 years I have lived here and no control from council... they are removing more and more services police / hospitals / refuse collections and you want to add more people into the mix... more and more deprived backgrounds in one area is a disaster quite frankly I want to move out of the area it is so bad...It’s really difficult to comment here other than to say that to restore HPH requires more than £ 10m and this has to come from somewhere.

The area has lost far too much character, soon there will be nothing left to feel any pride in. People born and bred in hanworth, feltham deserve to feel valued that includes the few buildings of historical importance being treated with the respect they deserve.

Part of Hanworth History. Something needs to be done to keep the building.

It would be criminal to demolish the house and lose the historical value it could bring to the area. To much of our history has been destroyed already, at any cost this house MUST be preserved.

Just that if lbh can afford to build themselves at a cost of approx 10million new offices rather than renovate old ones they should be able to raise the funds for this project. They bang on that there is not enough housing stock well here is there answer. Also I think maybe a new surgery or school in place of the cafe would be better.

Must be genuinely affordable housing. We have detailed what we think the private housing will look like and cost. We have offered on numerous occasions to provide social affordable homes (and some really great value modular homes) – but LBH have continually declined this “free” housing …

It would be a shame to get rid of the house that can be restored and be an asset to the community, and also help to bring the community together and make them thy bit closer.

It would be great to see any new house builds be sympathetically designed, to reflect the age of the House, and local Tudor Buildings, not so the designs jar awkwardly with the "housing estate". Personally, I can' stand those modern steel and glass structures, or yellow brick cheap estate houses, and feel they would rob the House of its feel and the place of it's atmosphere. So some other look and medium, would be great to see. Feltham\Hanworth after all, use to be a village. Notwithstanding LBH have continually tried to “compress” the housing away from houses to smaller flats to make the development footprint as small as possible – we absolutely want the development to be in keeping with the house and local area.

It would be a shame to lose any more history of the airpark

Hurry up LBH and get this approved before the developers walk away and leave HPH to disintegrate.

You need to make it clearer if the majority of the park is going to remain unchanged. It's unclear if the new builds will intrude into the existing park. Clarification if this might help support your cause. I see the need for new builds and restoration of the area, but concerned this us too many. Hopefully, the added further details on the regeneration area and housing location will have provided this clarity – but please let me know if not?

If your proposal included more family homes with gardens then I believe the build would fit nicely within the airpark. But from what I have seen your proposal includes far more blocks of flats which is not what this area needs. They would also ruin the aesthetic of the airpark. We started out (at the request of local councillors) to build in nice houses with gardens. LBH planners have continually stripped away the proposals to make the site more compact – and mostly apartments – at every stage – we have said we don’t think this is the right think to do – but there is a need to balance the amount of land we use (I am told).

 i have fond memorys as a child walking round hanworth house as a child we was let in to the grounds and its amazing bit of history that should be kept and restored as close to its former self

I'd like it to be ensured that a proportion of housing built is for social housing rather than 'affordable' housing. If this is the case then the project would have my full support. I do think it shocking that the house has been left to ruin when the restoration of it could lead to increased revenues in the area, especially if linked with other heritage activities to support the celebration of the history of the area. Please see previous comments – we have offered on numerous occasion to add in more proper social housing. A question or email for LBH I think please !

It would require more schools and doctors surgerys. Absolutely agree – hopefully the several million pounds that would be paid to LBH in CIL payments will be directed toward these facilities…

It's a beautiful building with important history that most people are unaware of despite living in the area. I don't see how LBH can object to this as they are soon to build over 3500 houses on the MOD SITE. SAVE the house its vitally important.

Lbh should be held accountable for letting the house deteriorate too far whilst in their ownership.

Mike Jubb