Save Hanworth Park House

I have lived in the Hanworth park area most of life which is over 30 years. I spent many of my younger years playing over the park always looking at the house thinking how grand it was. At the time it was a nursing home and since then watched it fall in to the state it is now. I have taken an interest in this house and it's history over the years and the surrounding area. LBH have really let the area go down hill and the land that is needed has not been looked after and not in a state to be used. I have been to all the local meetings each time someone is ready to do something with it but LBH always seem to put a stop on planning one way or the other. LBH are not interested in saving this historic house and I am happy for this project to be given the go ahead. 

My question is are you going to sell apartments in the main house and if so how does this mix with public rooms below with functions and the fact the gardens will be open for others to look around freely from the park. 

The park has problems with youth with dumped cars and crime. The park itself needs attention from LBH to blend in to this project. Also what's stopping you when building the houses you then change your mind about the main house due to a lack of funds ? 

I wish you all the luck with the planning with LBH as they are the ones who have been mostly responsible for this.

R. Griffiths


Many thanks for your comments and questions.

Completely agree that it is a travesty what has happened to the house - we now have the picture from 1992 and it looked immaculate. 

LBH know that this is a great opportunity to help in the regeneration of the local area which is supposed to be a priority for them. 

It is also the last chance to save the house if you have seen it (or the pictures) of its current condition. Over and above the c 220 new houses in our plan (of which we think more than 90pct will be eligible for govt subsidy through help to buy etc) - we have offered (to LBH) to partner with a local housing association to build out up to a further 50 subsidised homes on the areas where the old hangars used to be to compensate them for contributing their small parcel of land (the derelict piece down from Forest Road). We want to be clear with people that this is not a luxury second home development - we want local people to buy or rent these homes and this scheme to be the  nicest one in the area.

To answer your specific questions - 

1 - effectively the ground floor space in the main house will be community space and the upper floors and the wings will be apartments with their own entrances and be made secure in their design. There is likely to be an on site warden to help look after the house, grounds and help with the park maintenance.

2 - agree with your comments on park security and we have offered to help and pay for improved park monitoring and security - simple things like more bunding and better entrance points. We have also offered to pay for a park warden or two out of the profits made from the community use. We don't want the house or new housing to be gated but believe we can make the park and new housing safer for all local people. Local councillors and police have been very helpful in discussing what simple things can be done to help make the park safer for everyone.

3 - we have committed to restore the house alongside building out the new housing and would have a legal agreement to ensure we do this by not allowing us to build certain houses until the house is done. The builders I am working with all specialise in period house restoration - the house would be the "centre piece" of it all - so we absolutely want to see it restored.

Thanks again for your submission. 


Mike Jubb