Traffic jams

It's a huge project in an area that is already full of traffic jams. Are there going to be any traffic management improvements ? I agree the house needs to be developed but this looks over the top. Hanworth Air Parcs is a great community space, maybe underused. 
When would the work start and how long will it take? Good luck.

Ms Hawke, TW16


Dear Ms Hawke

Many thanks for your comments and best wishes.

To answer your specific questions -

1. Traffic management issues - we have undertaken various traffic management surveys and have been speaking to Transport for London and local councillors to help deliver several traffic flow improvements to the local area, and of course there would be a traffic management plan related to the construction.

2. Overdevelopment - as we have detailed, the repair costs are in excess of £10m to restore the house. This drives the quantum of development more than anything.. We have worked with the Council to reduce it as much as we can.

3. Timing - we were hoping to get an approval a year ago! The house will not survive much longer and we have asked the Council to make a decision before another winter sets in on the house. We plan to start as soon as we have consent, and we anticipate the construction to take about two and a half years, with minimal disruption to the local community.

Many thanks


Mike Jubb