Parking concerns ..

I think it sad that the council have seen fit to preside over the house's decay and that it has come to the point where a housing development is required to save it.

The pictures make it look very inviting with easy access and plenty of space around. However, with 220 homes you will need a considerable number of parking spaces to ensure that the open feel is retained. I appreciate that the council minimum is probably being met, but experience has shown that this always underestimates the number of spaces required and then it turns into a spiral of yellow lines CPZ etc. to put more money in council coffers and bring more inconvenience to residents. 

In order to ensure that Hanworth House doesn't become a byword for parking nightmares, and the vista around is not congested with vehicles, please could this development have plentiful (preferably hidden) parking?

Mr Penney, TW13


Dear Mr Penney,

Many thanks for your comments and observations.

I agree that it is very sad - especially when it was so grand just 20yrs ago. However, we are confident we can restore the house to its former glory - but we don't have much time left and we really need LBH to make a (positive) decision sooner rather than later. 

In terms of your specific issue raised around car parking - I could not agree more. We have discussed this issue many times with the planners and urban design teams. We have sought to screen or conceal (under ground) as much of the car parking as we can (as you suggested). We have also offered to instal further public access amenity car parking for those people wishing to use the community areas of the house or the park as an "over flow" solution, and these are currently in the gift of the planners...

As I understand it, local residents and Councillors are also keen to improve the local traffic management issues with some traffic calming and other measures, and we would welcome the opportunity to help deliver those.

We will share your comments with LBH, but any further letters of support over these types of issues directly to LBH can only help.



Mike Jubb