Traffic worry

S TW13,

Although I would love the house to be brought back to life and the airpark given some useful purpose as it has generally been left to grow wild where people are nervous of who or what could be lurking behind bushes and trees and grass not cut. When I was young the airpark was always mown and it was open right across so that it was more of a communal space you where able to see other projects going on and always a pleasure to walk across it. Not as it is now. The house is part of feltham history and deserves a revamp but I do worry about the traffic in This area around the airman is always at a loggerhead and more houses are being planned on the marshalling yards leading out to this area!!!!!

Dear S,

thanks for your comments. Fully appreciate that increased traffic and traffic management are a concern. We have been discussing with TfL and LBH (and local Councillors) how to make a number of traffic improvements to ensure that any increased traffic volume minimises traffic delays. There are a number of easy "wins" to help traffic flow and safety and we can talk in more detail at the forthcoming public meeting. thanks

Mike Jubb