Many thanks to those who have contributed pictures shown below, especially the facebook groups relating to Feltham and Hanworth local people.

View of the house from the south

Grounds of Hanworth Park House being used for a flying club between the wars

Hanworth Park House, Hanworth Park, 1929. From Britain from Above.

The Club House in Hanworth Air Park in the 1930s

Hanworth Air Park on the 6th July 1930.
Miss Winifred Sawley Brown [1899-1984] lying next to her plane in rediness to take part in the King's Cup Air Race in her Avro Avian at an average speed of 102.7 mph [against over one hundred other pilots] starting & finishing at Hanworth Aerodrome, Middlesex covering a distance of over 750 miles on the 6th July 1930.[Eventual winner].
From Ebay.

Hanworth Park House, when it was a club and hotel.

A postcard of Hanworth Air Park, and Hanworth Park House in the 1930's.
From Ebay.

The Zeppelin over Feltham in the 1930's going to land at Hanworth Park.
At the end of Danesbury Road, going over the top of Alfred Road, Feltham.

Hanworth Park House in 1929. From Britain from Above.

Hanworth Park Aerodrome (London Air Park), Hanworth Park, from the south-west, 1929....and showing St George's Church. From Britain from Above.

Hanworth Lodge/Gatehouse on the Uxbridge Road in Hanworth.

The Aston Martin LML/50/5 in May 1950 at its public launch in front of the old airport hotel at Hanworth Air Park, Feltham.


Hanworth Park House in 1992.
Photo from Chris Rogers.

Hanworth Park House being used as a hospital during WW1

The opening of The Hanworth Air Park and flying club on Aug 31st 1929.....when Hanworth Park House was a hotel and club.

An advert/poster for the Airpark club and hotel in 1936.

Rows of Biplanes at Hanworth airfield. From Ebay

Some images from the hotel scheme