Comments from October 2017 Survey


To make the restoration work I feel there must be some, considered development, with allocated open public access.

I would prefer just the house being renovated and open to the public with no further building being done on the site, but I'm a realist and realise the cash for the house's renovation has to come from somewhere so I give my support to the proposed plans.

I'm not 100% on board with giving up part of the Air Park BUT the house cannot be left to rot any longer so in the grand scheme of things it's a relatively small price to pay to save such a wonderful part of local history. We have to save this historical building. If more people knew about it's history I'm sure that there would be even more support.

The restoration of HPH would become a jewel for this part of the Borough.

Preserve the history, there is so much to see and learn and keep people interested.
Destroy this culture and heritage and you will gain nothing.

It can’t left like it is...

This developer has taken into consideration the thoughts of the local people

I am very supportive of restoring, saving the house and developing it in some way. I am not supportive of infringing on green belt in any way because if one 'exception' can be found for building on it then it will become a precedent for many more 'exceptions'. Please save the house, this area has lost enough of it's heritage but please also maintain the green belt which protects the environment of our city. Both are precious.

I grew up in hanworth and as a kid hanworth airpark was our play ground.
I always remember the big posh house behind the fence
And always wondered what it was like inside
To much local history is being wiped out and hanworth Park has loads of it from way before my time.
I say let hang on and build what we have not what we could have

We must save this Feltham Hanworth historical building LHB have destroyed so many beautiful buildings in our area

I would rather lose a small area of hanworth air park rather than let this beautiful building be left to destruction.

This house has to be saved. Please work with Gary Cottle and his team to achieve this.

The failure to restore Hanworth Park House would be a sad indictment on the local authorities ability to make this happen. The plans seem reasonable, and the outcome on offer seems extremely positive. I hope that this can be properly encouraged and supported by London Borough of Hounslow in the very near future without any further delays.

It would be a real shame


Please do not allow this wonderful building to go. I am fully supportive of the proposals at present,

We mustn’t lose such a wonderful building

We must try all we can to preserve this building of historical interest!

this house must be saved!

We must save the house


Hanworth House the Airpark and many surrounding buildings such as St George’s Church and Tudor Court are some of the oldest and most historic parts of Feltham and these buildings should all be protected for future, Hanworth House needs to be saved , we need housing but not for the sake of the heritage of this area.

Hanworth Air Park and Hanworth Park House have been so much part of the area's heritage and must be saved! The area is steeped in history and it's restoration must be undertaken.

Please save the house

I strongly believe that LBH should do everything possible to save this beautiful house that has significant history in the borough.

Old houses displaying our heritage are becoming rarer, these things need to be kept & preserved for our children's learning & future. Just seeing it in old photos on a website is not enough. To touch, to experience is a much greater learning experience. Flats & hotels can go anywhere & to be fair although more house building needs doing in the area, using up the green areas instead recommissioning brown sites is not acceptable & there are way too many hotels in and around heathrow there is no need for another. Go stick it somewhere where it's really needed!

Hanworth Park House is a heritage asset and it is appalling that the support is not there for the restoration do we just let something line this go? Just appalling. It asks the question what would qualify to have to get support and backing??

Seeing the house restored and community space provided sounds like a wonderful idea. I would like the planning department to facilitate the development before the building is too damaged to be restored.

I would like to see the house restored and opened up to the public to see and use. It could be used for weddings and functions as well. I would like to see some parkland regeneration around the house, but as part of it's grounds. The local schools could then be taken on trips to see it. There could also be displays held there, especially ones from when Hanworth was used as an airfield. I have lived around this area all my life and have NEVER had the chance to see the illusive house hidden by trees in the middle of the parkland. This is such a pity, there is so much to be gained from keeping the house for the public. With Feltham and the surrounding areas having more hotels and with more tourists coming in to the area, this would make a great local addition for tourists to visit. Concerts too could be held at the venue. Please keep it open to the public.

This house needs to be saved. Where the common sense in leaving it to decay beyond repair?

Please save Hanworth park house.

keep the house

This building is a piece of history and should be restored to how it was

This is much needed and a huge part of our area’s history.

This belongs to the people

I'm afraid that the proposed "affordable" housing is only affordable based on weird government definitions of what affordable means. In reality it will not be affordable to the local families who need somewhere to live and will only bring in more private landlords who receive rents subsidised by housing benefit and therefore paid by our council tax. The "saving" of the house is not being proposed for altruistic reasons, profit is the motivation here. I would like to see our history and environment protected, but asking the commercial world to do that job isn't going to give the local community the results it needs.

I would like this property to be preserved & restored to its former glory. It is a regular topic of conversation & should never be allowed to become dilapidated or destroyed! I think more could be done with less environmental impact. Especially restoring it & hiding its upper floors glory by selling the upper floors of as apartments.

Please save and restore this house for Visitors/community - have the National Trust been approached as possibility similar to Osterley Park House ?

The house must be restored. I understand that building some flats, is the only way to make pay for the restoration.

I'd rather see it being restored and put to use than it's continual neglect.

It would be a terrible shame to allow this local heritage site to be lost.

Such a historical house and it needs to restored developed.

I am very supportive of the plans to restore the house. I am concerned about the impact on the park, but think this can be done sensitively, and have an overall positive impact on the area.

It's important not to lose a piece of the area's history!

It would be such a shame to completely lose another historic local building.

You must support this and save this piece of history

Please save this area for the good of the local community . It is very important for future generations to keep and restore this. Our local history should come before money please.

The heritage of this site is extremely important. It should be part of the conservation area. This parkland and surroundings are of great historical value and significance.

Its a sorry state that this building has been left empty for so long, to allownit to become the state it is. Along comes someone who wishes to bring it back , and they dont get the surport thats needed .

Heritage is important, I understand that housing is a shortage in the area but it would be great to see this building restored for the whole community to enjoy.

Too many older buildings have been pulled down and our heritage is disappearing. It's very important for the future to do what we can to save these buildings.

I think the plans are a good idea and will be a very exciting place for our borough

The house needs to be restored

This house must be saved, it is part of Hanworth and has do much historical value

I as a child loved going to hanworth house and the story's from there my Nan and dad both worked there when it was a home and it is a part of our history in feltham/hanworth I also remember doing a report on the house at school x

When will the council cooperate with a perfectly feasible scheme to save this beautiful wreck of a house for the community?
Putting narrow political dogma before common sense does no-one any favours and makes the council appear even more incompetent.

I agree with all the current proposals

The house has a long standing history in the borough and needs to be saved for future generations to appreciate

This is a magnificent building that has been left for years. Why would you not allow it to be renovated and become a useful asset to the local community? Restoring a historical landmark and generating local jobs can surely only be of benefit.

I’m saddened to see such a wonderful old building lying in waste. I have such fond memories of it as a child growing up in Hanworth.

My great grandparents met here in 1916.
I'm sure many people wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for this building
Please protect our personal heritage.

I have many memories of this beautiful building and would love to see it prosper.

This is such a beautiful building pls save it

I think it’s a disgrace that this lovely old house has been has been left to rot.

So far I have seen no other suggestions, plans or ideas as to what should happen to the house or the site in general other than just leaving it to rot. After all this time there has now been a possible solution that would seem to benefit everyone and because of a short fall in supporters the whole matter has to be dropped. Perhaps some larger advertising would help and I'm sure if some information could be made available for others to place on works notice boards etc it might create more interest.

Hanworth Park House is an integral part of our history . It lends itself to so many life experiences through generations. I think that Gary Cottle his upmost to retain that. I support him 100%.. Thank you

This historic house needs saving otherwise Britain will loose a VERY important part of it`s aviation heritage!.

The house and grounds have been around for many years. It would be a great shame for them not to be around for future generations

This house is a wreck for too many years. With such a great history it should be reborn even with some compromises! Don't let it die...

It would be a shame to lose such an iconic building, there must be a balance all parties would be happy with.

Because it is beneficial to the area. Will create jobs and tourism .

This house has such a huge potential and I would love to see the proposal accepted.

It’s an absolute farce that planning permission has not been granted to restore Hanworth spark House and that the committee have a disregard for the historical building.

I will watch with interest how this progresses including who will benefit (financially) from some of the odd decisions taken.

I think this would be the best thing for the park and the house and could open up some new jobs for the local people

This historic site needs saving.

A beautiful house that needs restoring and celebrating one day we will look back and all these fabulous properties will be lost

It would be a terrible loss to loose what was such a beautiful building, and all the history attached

The council should do everything it can to restore this historically important house and grounds.

This is part of our local heritage, not just any old building which can be destroyed in the blink of an eye.

Allow the owners to do this.

This house is of huge historical significance and must be saved. The development is using land that is largely inaccessible at present and will return part of the house and gardens to community use which is something that is lacking in the area.

This is an iconic amazing building which needs to be restored. I cant believe that its been left to such decay. please get it back to its formar glory

This house should be preserved for the area amd history for all local and futher.

Let us safe this house for the community and give people opportunities to work and help me store their house

I think we need to nurture & keep our heritage sights the next generation will have no idea of the history of feltham, Haworth or any other town.

Please save the House!

Action needed as soon as possible to save this lovely lovely old house.

I have lived in Hanworth for most of my life, but
we have now relocated to Norfolk. Although I
Still have friends and family that live in Hanworth.
For all of my life Hanworth Park House has stood
empty, and over time I have watched it deteriorate
further and further. To the point now, that I fear if
action isn’t taken soon it will become completely
Uneconomically viable to save it all.

We really need to find a suitable solution, and fast.

Whilst I understand the concerns regarding costs involved, I feel very strongly about preserving historical buildings. LBH should seize the opportunity to use historical buildings as tourist attractions and eventually investments will be repaid , if National Trust can make money this way, there is no reason why LBH shouldn’t.

A beautiful house. Would love to see it restored to its former grandeur! Nice to see some grand heritage remain in Hanworth☺

Hanworth Park House is part of our local heritage and history and should be saved at all costs. It would such a shame if the site that dates back before Henry VIII's time was flattened. Please save HPH and help restore it to its former glory.

Sàve hanworth house

We must save this amazing piece of heritage.

This would bring people, business and work to the local area and bring some history back that we have lost over the years. Be such a shame to see this beautiful building go to waste.

Would love for the house to be restored. Such a great place and would be such a shame to leave it as it is.

I’d love to see it restored. Both sets of my grandparents lived a short distance from there and was always spoken about.

This house as part of Hanworth’s heritage has been left too long in this state of disrepair - it’s time to do something before it falls down and is lost forever! Even if it means housing as a last resort this is better than doing nothing, imagine our area without places like Ham House, Osterley House etc, reading the history of HPH it deserves to be saved.

The house will only fall into further disrepair if not given this opportunity. Would the council prefer that?

Please save this lovely house from any more stress . SAVE THIS HOUSE PLEASE XX

I have very fond memories of my childhood here my mum was head cook for the old people’s home often walked over the air park to meet her after work or play in the gardens or go and have a chat with All the old ladies me and my sister would dance for them
It’s s beautiful house and the grounds were spectacular my brother had his wedding photos done in the grounds
So it would be such a shame for it all to go to waste please don’t let it

We need to work together to save this beautiful house and park, so many childhood memories for my husband.

This house needs to be saved. Lets do it before its too late!
Its a beautiful (or was) a stunning building with some lovely features. If Lb Hounslow don't want to restore it, then let this guy do it.

I was born and grew up in Hanworth. It'll be a sad list to the village and to local history to lose such a beautiful building. It's an untold treasure that not many people know about, please save this historical building. Some much has changed in Hanworth I'd hate to see the loss of park house too.

This property is not only of local importance but historical value to the country if we carry on demolishing our history what will we have left for our younger generations

I do believe we should keep Hanworth Park House, I remember going inside as a kid when it was an old folks home, the garden's surrounding the house were gorgeous. Please restore to its former glory, if you build it, people will come.

Why let the house go to ruin, every spare bit of land is being developed on! Why not use some development money to restore some heritage?? Before it's to late!!


This is such an important of Hanworth history that the chance to restore a little of what is left of dear old Hanworth’s history can’t be passed up.

The area, is under tremendous pressure, to maintain it's origins and history. It is being covered over, by concrete and buildings. All the Market Gardens, that Feltham was famous for , have dissapeared.... Enough , is enouigh.

The house has to be saved,it is such a worthy cause and would be a great shame to let it just crumble away. The local history of the air park ,the house etc is just to special to just let get forgotten

If an agreement cannot be reached, surely this house will fall into further disrepair and another piece of unique history lost as no one else would be interested


Should permission for this redevelopment be refused I would like to see the alternative sent out immediately.

This is a heritage property that should be restored and maybe used as a museum

Would be a great asset to the community

I believe that the house is a great piece of heritage and having lived here all my life, I would like something made of it

whoever is the Muppet that is putting a block on this project needs to have their head looking at...

I fully support the scheme, this provides decent housing instead of the usual poor quality tiny flats that blight our borough. This building if one of the few historic buildings we have to be proud of in Feltham and it would be fantastic to be known of as the borough with the beautiful restored HPH and associated history rather than the borough famous for its young offenders institution. There is simply no logic in refusing the scheme especially given the shocking state of some of the housing that has been built recently in the borough.
The park does suffer from anti social behaviour and a scheme like this would have helped this as well.

This is a very important and very relevant part of Hanworth that should be restored to its former glory.

Hanworth Park House is an important historical asset not only to the Borough but part of the history attached to Heathrow Airport.

The house is so iconic and holds memories for so many local people. It would be a real shame to lose it and future generations would be deprived of the legacy of history it holds.

To not restore this outstanding building along with the heritage of it and the surrounding land is not only a waste but absolutely disgusting and disgraceful.
LBH should be ashamed of theirselves CLAIMING only YESTERDAY in Get West London how they want to included and listen and act on the borough communities wishes when i5 comes to regeneration and housing within the borough.

This would be amazing for the area

This house is a huge part of hanworths history. So many people love the place. I myself used to visit regularly as a teenager and have the utmost respect for somewhere with so much history. It would be a shame for it to disappear when so many people love the site and have many memories of their own.

Would ĺove to see this house rescued. It's important to preserve our heritage.

Need more green aras

It feels like the house is expected to continue to degenerate so that it either falls down or catches fire thus beyond repair and alas no high funds required to restore it. Let’s hope the right people see it as a vital part of the community and more importantly it’s history.

This beautiful building is hugely important to the history of this area and our country. It is imperative that it is preserved for the future.

We can't loose Hanworth Park House it has great character and history!

Any plans need to present Hanworth house in its most attractive setting,with any new buildings designed to harmonise and reflect this amazing building.

HanwRoth park house MUST be SAVED. It's of so much importance to the area & would be an amazing re-addition to Hanworth

I think we need to preserve buildings like this in order for
people to learn about the past history of their area. Opening the house and surrounding area up will promote interest. So much architecture is totally bland and soulless today. It's important to save some beauty.

Please preserve such a beautiful building

It would be such a shame to see this lovely historic building disappear.

The local area lacks historical structures as they have mainly been pulled down or changed into buildings with little sympathy for why the building was initially designed, the house holds a lot of history and local people feel passionate that it should remain and serve the community,

Hanworth Park House is an important piece of Hanworth's history, and should be saved!

Hounslow council seems he’ll bent on destroying many historical aspects around Hanworth and Feltham. You destroyed all the old trees along Hounslow Road Hanworth with the excuse that they were diseased, they were not, you just wanted to make car parking space. You allowed the old Feltham Hotel to become so dilapidated you had to demolish it. You are trying to do the same with Hanworth Park House. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Would be a shame to lose a local landmark!

This historic house and landmark of the local area can’t be lost for ever. I totally support Gary Cottles plans for housing on the site to restore the landmark !!! LBH please please support it will be a crime if you continue to let it go

Too long of wasted time, Do It!

Happy memories as a child ... so important to conserve and celebrate buildings that are the roots of local communities.

This Historic local house should be saved , far too much local historic buildings and areas are being bulldozed just for substandard housing , fatten some of the warehouses that stand empty , and build on that .

This space needs to be regenerated into something that will last for years and is great for the community

It's important to the area and community to restore it's heritage and whilst the owner is so willing to work with the council and community for a beneficial development it's a sad affair that agreement can't be reached and it is once again left to rot.

Please help regain the wonderful history of Hanworth, former home of royality such as King Henry 8th Hunting Lodge.
The area is steeed in history yet this wonderful heritage is not being utilised or respected.
Hanworths heritage should be valued and used to enhance the area for the benefit of residents and visitors.

We need this historical building

Please carefully consider the the proposal to renovate Hanworth Park House. So very much of the local history has been wiped away and despite the cost where we came from and the surrounding sites are very important. I was born and raised in Wigley rd and the park area was one of my main play areas with the House being a historical part of it.
I so hope that the eventual outcome is a sensible and thoughtful one that protects our local heritage.

I think Hanworth Park House is a great cultural asset to have in our area and I would like to see it restored.

A site full of local history, being used to benefit the local community.

It is very important that buildings of local historical significance are retained for the local community to understand its social and economic history. As generations pass it is only with local landmarks and the stories that go with them that future generations understand how the people and why the communities in which they live have changed and evolved.
Buildings such as these are a local asset and with positive attitudes and support can become invaluable in carrying history forward.

My grandfather worked and dined at the air park house as an officer during the war. Would be fantastic for it to be restored!

This is part of future generations heritage as well as our own.
Too much land is being taken away and used for social housing with history just cast aside
We must preserve what we can whilst we can

The house needs saving as its part of the history of Hanworth. There isn’t much left nowadays. The regeneration plan will help and bring much needed houses as well.

Save Hanworth House

I am a local residant and would like to see the hanworth park house restored.

It seems such a shame to see part of our heritage destroyed

We are originally from Hanworth and remember this lovely old building -let's save it !!

This iconic building should not be left to stand and rot any longer, the council have aloud too many changes in Feltham to the point we hardly have any heritage left, it would be a real disgrace for another building to go what you can and adapt it.

It would be good to see this building restored and made an asset rather than an eyesore.

Historic building

Thus is national heritage and needs restoring so stop pussyfooting around and restore it

Save hanworth house !

I’m outraged that LBH would stand in the way of this action. They seem not to be able to see the picture that - there is no other option other than letting this heritage building and site rot.

This is part of Feltham’s heritage! Please save this magnificent building.

To not restore this outstanding building along with the heritage of it and the surrounding land is not only a waste but absolutely disgusting and disgraceful.
LBH should be ashamed of theirselves CLAIMING only YESTERDAY in Get West London how they want to included and listen and act on the borough communities wishes when i5 comes to regeneration and housing within the borough.

This beautiful landmark deserves to stand proud one again and gary's proposals are extremely fair. Hanworth needs this refurb and regeneration for for community. No harm is being done. More harm and will be done by lbh doing nothing. Stand up and listen lbh to what your residents want for once. Keep things open and not behind closed door s by inviting us to attend meeting concerning hanworth park house

We need to keep local historic sites in tact as so many are left to ruin these days

Why on earth would something so precious be allowed to go to waste?

It would be a shame to see Hanworth Park House left to fall down .

Keen to see this house restored and history preserved

We need to restore this house and open it to the public in some way, shape or form this house is a big part of HANWORTHS history.

Hanworth airpark & House needs to be kept.
The park itself carry’s so much history and should be kept for public use as much as possible.

A wonderful old building, I worked in there when it was a old people's home

I am in favour of the proposal as it would save a local heratiage site that is currently unsafe to visit

Such a beautiful building that should be loved and cared for by us and the future generations. So much history to destroy. 😭

It's so important to conserve our local heritage as other boroughs do. The restoration would improve the area greatly and bring in more visitors to Hanworth

I think such a once most beautiful building should be given evey chance of being restored to at least some of it's former self .

Such history should be shared with the new generations

Hanworth house is a wonderful historic asset to Feltham, it would be a awful shame to let the history of what made Feltham what it is today slip out of our hands.


I am very disappointed with the council on to what they are proposing on doing! Why?? Its such a lovely historical building with so much to show your kids and talk to them about. Please restore this lovely bit of history!

This is a beautiful building that has left to fall into disrepair. If there is someone whois willing to spend time and money to bring it back it’s former glory the why not. People need to get behind projects like this.

would love to see this house restored for future generations

The house brings people together of many ages and will continue of its resorted

This historical house needs to be restored. The history 9f the house and grounds is amazing

It will be criminal to leave this house any longer it has such a rich history. What is the matter with Hounslow council . Hanworth is always left to get run down and it is such a shame .

This place should be saved


I am strongly of the opinion that the house mucy be saved and restored and think it's shocking that more isn't being done by Hounslow to celebrate the rich heritage of the house

Please save this lovely house

The house and grounds would be a great asset to the local area.I believe it would change peoples conception of the area in general. How can that not be a good thing

I believe this would be a great idea to restore Hanworth Park House and add apparments to fund the project.

This house and the surounding area is a huge part of the local residants culture and heritidge,already there are so many buildings that have been ripped apart ,or taken down , no one seems to care anymore .
For the people that were born and bred in haNorth and Feltham , we who are still living here would like to support the restoration of Hanworth park house and the surrounding area.

This building is far too important to destroy

Please allow this beautiful building to be restored and developed. I remember how beautiful it was when I was Hanworth carnival queen, it is our history and heritage.


Got to be saved, restored and mayb opened to the public, for a small cost mayb, help back the community etc

I am unable to understand why Hounslow Council are unwilling to allow the restoration of HPH - with no cost to them but a tremendous boost to the local community and with the addition of extra housing again a boost to the community.

I think the proposal is very sympathetic to the area and local community. The house/land has lain empty and in disrepair for so many years it would be sad if these proposals don't go through. I don't want to lose the integrity of the house and land.

If this iconic House isn't restored? It would be a tragic waste of our history to this area.

It would be a real shame to lose the opportunity to develop this historic site and restoration of Hanworth Park House.

I agree I think any development that will save this unique peice of history to hanworth is better than it rotting away

I think that it would be a great asset to Hanworth/Feltham to have such a historic building restored.

It's vital that this goes ahead. It's right for the area, the building and the community's history. Look at the facts. Hanworth has suffered hugely from having its entire community bisected by the A316, Feltham has had a beautiful church ripped apart with only the spire left and the rest turned into council offices....disgraceful, really. Hounslow council is becoming an utter joke. It's more concerned with inserting expensive new allocated parking bays into pothole-filled streets, wresting pig-ugly newbuild after newbuild and failing to keep the streets clean than it is about preserving about the only historical artefact left in the Hanworth area. You have to spend money to make it. If this project dies, so will any respect or outing increases for the Hounslow council. They must not pass the buck on this. For once, preserve and innovate rather than build bike shoebox orange- brick cheapo flats and destroy a nature reserve.

I'm massively in favour of the house being restored, it's part of the fabric of the history if the area. Any accompanying development need to be considered and the priority should be to maximise the exposure of this historical building yo the public. Neighbouring towns have their own historic buildings such as Syon House, Chiswick and even Ham house. Why should Hanworth and Felthams heritage not be preserved?

Hanworth Park House is an important part of our local history, and needs to be saved for future generations

The restoration of HPH should be encouraged by Hounslow council and assisted by everyone that is able to ensure this amazing building is not lost !
It is a real asset to the area and has so.much history,please do not make the mistake of putting it beyond help.....

I am very concerned about the loss of a green land within the borough. I walk my dog here each day (since 2010) and very much enjoy it’s rural aspect. Since hard paths have been created and pathways cut through the long grass, I’ve notice a lot more people use and enjoy the park. The coucil is to be commended on the recent improvements made for the benefit of local people.

My only concern is that Travellers will get into the Park from this end. To keep them from entering the Park through Hanworth Park House end, maybe some creative landscaping could be done.
Thank you

The building is such an important part of hanworth, there should be a chance for the public to view it before the changes take place.

if the only future for Hanworth Park House is to build housing on the some of the surrounding land then I am in complete agreement.The house is beautiful and has so much history attached to it. Demolition of it would be a huge loss to the local area which has so little historical value left.

It is time this was concluded.

To save such a wonderful slice of history we need to support the development. As well as looking back we do need to look forward and plan for the future. The need for affordable housing can't just be glossed over and if on the back of it we can have the house restored to its former glory so be it.

Please re develop this house its our history. Syom park house gunnersbury etc are all part of history. And let the public help

Wonderful place , and just as important as Hampton court palace

This would be absolutely amazing to have this restored, just what the community needs, I am sure if this was in the Richmond borough we wouldn’t be discussing this, it would of been done....

We have to maintain the history of the local area. This may include some compromise in allowing for regeneration. This is the best wat forward.

I think that a scheme to provide affordable
Housing and to enable the main house to be restored
And in part open for community use should be supported by the planning department

My only comment is street and parking. Main thing should be a high end coffee bar accessible to dog walkers

I think that the scheme being proposed ticks all boxes - a decent number of homes that local people will be able to afford - restoring the great Hanworth Park House to it's former glory - opening up much more of the open space by getting rid of the ugly, inaccessible scrub - local job creation and something to lift the area and be proud of. I sincerely hope that the scheme is approved - it can't happen soon enough.

It would be a shame to lose such a part of history, hanworth Park house is steeped in it, we should be proud of it

It would be lovely to see Haworth park house being lived in again and hope the restoration keeps as much of its original condition as possible. I would not like to see any of the park land being lost though.

I fully support the restoration of Hanworth Park House and feel it would be such a shame to lose a historic house. I feel it would be advantageous to have this site open to public once finished to bring jobs and tourism to this area.

I strongly agree that we need to secure the restoration of Hanworth Park House

This is an important and historic local landmark. It should be preserved.

Subject to good access and parking for development

Restore Hanworth Park.

It's part of our heritage

The restoration of Hanworth Park House is of vital importance not least with its historic association with the World war. The housing is also desperately needed and if the finance raised can facilitate both that would serve everyone concerned.

A realistic proposal to save the historic house for the benefit of local people,who should be rightly proud of hanworths royal and cultural past.

Great idea - the area is rundown so only good can become of this!

Heritage such as this building have to be saved for future generations.The people of Feltham should be allowed to feel proud of where they live this house restored would be a positive move fo the area.

Very important that buildings like these are secured and restored and surrounded by developments matching the landscape and needs if the area.

Time for this beautiful old house to be restored and also Homes to be built on the site in times of such a housing crisis.

I would love to see this house in all its glory as I believe it is a big piece of our history and should be shown off for people to see.

I agree it needs to be restored and should never have been left to go to ruin. Money has been wasted repeatedly over the years in attempts to renovate it and then just gave up!

I'm not certain the location is right for a hotel but would bring money to the area if it worked and also help to reduvonate the area. It's much needed! Tired building , dirt and rubbish everywhere. Run down shops that only survive by being a cover for crime.

This should be turned into Either a hotel or luxury!accommodation

We have to save this historic house and give the community something to be proud of

I am totally supportive of the plans for Hanworth Park House and it’s grounds. Once belonging to Royalty, Army Hospital and Airbase etc. It has to be restored to serve the local community with new and affordable homes. There are so many positives to this. I hope the plans are agreed to.

Please save this house

As long as it does not damage the air park and it’s history is explained to visitors to the area that this redevelopment would bring then I think it is a positive step.

Thank you

Strongly agree

Once history is gone it cannot return

This is an Iconic historic Building of great importance and should be saved for the nation, would be great if the National Trust or English Heritage could take over and restore it.
It Must be Kept

This is a great bit of history and to see it in its former glory would be amazing

The latest plan to save the house and grounds are excellent